Rise of Education Tech Startups

Parents start worrying just as their kids promote to standard 10th which  is considered the first big step in a person’s education. Naturally they want their kids to have personal attention from their teachers to ensure their success. Mr. Kalra was one such parent but he did something different. He  enrolled his 14 year old son in Vedantu which is an online education startup. It is an educational online market where the student gets to choose his/her teacher and learns complex concepts of trigonometry with ease. As of now, Mr. Kalra’s son has already completed over 25 hours worth of classes with the help of online video conferencing, lectures and doubt sessions from lecturers from Bangalore, Chennai and New Delhi.

Ed tech start-ups offer on the go study material in appsand on theirwebsites. Through this, they are able to update their books with notifications to the users making sure the students have the latest material to study from.

The apps and online websites have HD quality compressed videos that run smoothly on EDGE and 2G internet making the features available to even the remotest part of the country.

Because every student signs up individually, they have their own profile on the website that tracks their performance, analyses their weak and strong points and presents course materials and test questions accordingly. This real time updating feature of ed tech tuitions ensures the student is capable enough to answer even difficult questions.

Indian parents offer as much as money as possible for their children to excel but even then, this technology is easy on the pockets. Normally, if a student decides to attempt Iit the preparation costs start from Rs. 70,000 per individual. But the services offered by ed tech tuitions are as reasonable as Rs. 150 per class. Students from lower middle class families can gain access to this material at lesser costs as Rs. 2000-5000 per course. This cost effectiveness of such start ups is an attempt to finish the conventional Kota (A place in Rajasthan for every IIT aspirant) study method that not only demands money in lakhs but also increases expenditure of the student living there.

The students have anonymity giving them the freedom to ask any question to the lecturer, online video conferencing helps the student to learn despite geographical constraints.

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