Programming Career tips for Students

That doesn’t mean it’s ever too late to change the way you do things, which is what makes a recent Experts Exchange list of 11 tips for freshman programmers so important. It might be targeting students, but anyone who codes can benefit from taking a new approach to their career.

Interviews for software engineers and programmers usually include some coding exercises. Businesses want to know what you can do in a pinch, so be sure you practice various scenarios. Showing flexibility and problem solving skills during the interview can make or break your job prospects.

Advanced programming often relies on free libraries, which are easier to deal with in UNIX. Get a computer that runs on a UNIX base, like a Mac or an Ubuntu machine.

Vi is the standard editor that comes with UNIX systems. You need to learn to use it too.

Source version control is fundamental to success as a programmer. Get familiar with a program like GIT or SVN as soon as possible.

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