Before Joining an Online Course

January 29, 2019

Today, sail boats and airplanes let us cross oceans in a matter of hours – and there are refreshments and hot meals to keep us company. However, you wouldn’t want to fly 18 hours to attend a 30-minute business lunch. For nearly the same reason, you wouldn’t want to spend 3 -4 years earning a […]

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Advanced Education and Careers

December 29, 2018

Educators increasingly are encouraged to promote college and career exploration, but too often the important endeavor is an afterthought at schools, where there never seems to be enough people or enough time to undertake it. Some schools, however, are finding creative ways to use their former students to fill that gap. While colleges have long […]

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Benefits of Online Learning

October 29, 2018

Online schooling still has a discussion element to it, often in a forum or discussion board. On-campus students have to choose a stance or formulate a thought in class quickly, and sometimes speak before they’ve fully examined everything. In an online environment, students can spend as much time as they want thinking about and honing […]

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